About me

Tomorrow is a New Day – a lifestyle blog featuring health, beauty & fitness, home organisation, technical advice, cookery, and so much more.

Welcome to my website – whilst trying to come up with a name I spent hours thinking about what I wanted to put in this site, my aim is to share my knowledge, my experiences, my love for being creative, for being part of a family and ultimately for being a friend.  I often have long conversations with friends where we cover technology, social media, the arts, home organisation, lifestyles, cooking, health and fitness and so much more.  My goal is to create that here within this website, a place to come and stay for a while with a big cup of warm tea or coffee and perhaps a home cooked treat.

Enjoy x

About Louise

Welcome to my blog, a little information about me 🙂

Me in a nutshell:

Love: Spending quality time with my family, good food, great friends, being crafty, good music, dancing, the beach, taking photos, adventures, a latte with caramel syrup, swimming, laughing, pretty homes, being tidy (although not very good at that!), beautiful things that make you go ‘wow’, and lots more I’m sure!

Me the longer version:

I have been around for quite a few years now – a child born in the 70s, I really came into my own during the 80s and embraced the frizzy perm, puffball skirt, lace gloves look with abundance.  In my late teens I worked part time for many different companies, including: Clarks, Next, Wax Lyrical and TGI Fridays.  When I was 16 I took a touch typing course at night class (in those days it was on a typewriter!) and didn’t look back, taking on temping jobs during my school holidays and whilst studying A Levels.  I spent 9 weeks at University training to be a teacher and realised that it probably wasn’t my calling so left and headed home to take a year out whilst working at an office in town.  During that year I applied for a place at UWE Bristol for B.A. Hons in Time Based Media and luckily was accepted.  I graduated (yippee) and headed off to the bright lights of London for a work experience placement at the BBC working for Crimewatch.  During my time at the BBC I was very lucky to find a position available with ClearCut Pictures as a Technical Assistant and spent 5 intensive months running around London setting up portable AVID suites and working with a number of editors on a daily basis including the daily run to Pret a Manger to get ‘wraps and lattes’ for all the people working that day.

I decided to step off the media trail for a while, and had the opportunity to temp my way around London working for some amazing companies as a PA to many talented company directors and managers.  After a while I settled with one company as an office assistant and powerpoint designer until they decided they needed a website.  I jumped at the opportunity having dabbled with CD-Rom production at University and started to teach myself Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Flash.  During this time I also joined the local rowing club and spent many happy hours rowing up and down the Thames, a particular favourite route of mine was going past the Pitcher and Piano in Richmond – that bridge is so pretty!

Whilst happy in London I started to get itchy feet and with my boyfriend at the time headed off travelling for just over year to Thailand, Vietnam and Australia.  I had a great time in South East Asia but my favourite year was the one spent in Oz.  I started in Sydney and stayed with a lovely friend who then introduced us to more friends and was very lucky to land a position as a web designer / assistant for 6 months before travelling to Port Douglas to train to become a Diving Instructor and worked on the Barrier Reef as a Dive Master taking tourists on diving tours.  Nerve wracking but great fun and wonderful memories – I don’t think anything will ever beat spending the day diving off a beautiful catamaran then heading home to have a ‘cold one’ at the local bar with fantastic friends.

After my adventures in Oz I headed back to the UK and lived in Cornwall while trying to decide on which direction to go next.  In partnership with my Mother in our nearby village of St.Mawes, a shop was up for rent right on the Quay, so we decided to jump with both feet first and did a beautiful re-fit turning it into a lifestyle shop with an internet cafe on the side selling fresh Lavazza coffee from our lovely Italian coffee machine.  I’ll never forget the first day a customer came in and was delighted at the fact they could buy a ‘Latte’!  It was a wonderful time of busy summer days and quiet evenings, going to trade shows to choose and buy our stock, we worked hard to try and find new and unique pieces for our little shop on the Quay, although I don’t think some of our bigger suppliers quite realised that we really meant it when we said we were down a little road on the Quay! Especially when a poor lorry driver arrived with a pallet of stock and no-where to turn his lorry, we nearly lost the front of the shop while he was doing a three point turn on the harbour!

Fast forward a year or two with the arrival of my daughters, juggling a shop and a baby proved a little tricky, so we sold up and headed off to Dorset for a while.  Always a girl with many interests I trained in Bakery, Patisserie and Confectionary at a local college at night class and after finding an interest in cakes, trained in cake decorating for a year.  I spent a while as a cake decorator but found it too stressful trying to create beautiful fragile pieces of icing combined with two young children running around the kitchen that I decided to keep my skills for friends and family.  I love music, dance and being healthy.  I was a Zumba Instructor and Personal Trainer for a few years, which was amazing fun – even now I often work out routines in my head when I hear a great song.

I’m now based in Devon and have trained in modern calligraphy, which has been an absolute joy!  I have been working professionally since Oct 2016 and I have also carried on working as a web designer originally for clients and now just for my own websites. I can’t quite believe my daughters are now 14 and 12!  My days are spent juggling the school run, working for myself and taking time to enjoy everyday life as much as I can.  I have so many interests and love to get crafty.  The internet is an amazing tool and I am constantly inspired by people who create such amazing things.  I still love to bake and enjoy a quiet afternoon attempting to make complicated patisserie pieces from time to time.

Thank you so much for coming to visit me blog, I hope you enjoy what you read.  If you would like to get in touch please email me at hello @ tomorrowisanewday.co.uk