A Perfect Madeline Recipe

I love madelines, they are such a sweet little treat and actually very easy to whip up a […]

Clean Living: Super Scrummy Guacamole

I love LOVE guacamole – I think it’s the softness of the avocado mixed with tomatoes, onions, and chilli’s that dance across your tastebuds and when added to fajitas or used as a dip makes the perfect accompaniment to any dish – finish with a good squeeze of lime and away you go – it makes me just want to jump on a plane to Mexico!

Clean Living: Spicy Carrot Salad by Amelia Freer

I have been so busy recently I decided to have a Super Hormone Balancing Smoothie to keep me going on my quest for clean living.  I have also started drinking a favourite drink of mine – mint tea with a teaspoon of coconut oil melted into the drink, not only is it great for digestion you end up with supersoft lips from the coconut oil!