Clean Living: Super Scrummy Guacamole

I love LOVE guacamole – I think it’s the softness of the avocado mixed with tomatoes, onions, and chilli’s that dance across your tastebuds and when added to fajitas or used as a dip makes the perfect accompaniment to any dish – finish with a good squeeze of lime and away you go – it makes me just want to jump on a plane to Mexico!

Clean Living: Spicy Carrot Salad by Amelia Freer

I have been so busy recently I decided to have a Super Hormone Balancing Smoothie to keep me going on my quest for clean living.  I have also started drinking a favourite drink of mine – mint tea with a teaspoon of coconut oil melted into the drink, not only is it great for digestion you end up with supersoft lips from the coconut oil!

Cook. Nourish. Glow. by Amelia Freer

Following the phenomenal success of her bestselling first book, Eat. Nourish. Glow, Amelia Freer returns with her much-awaited cookbook Cook. Nourish. Glow.

Containing over 100 delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes, Amelia equips you with the skills and knowledge to improve your health while empowering you to cook with confidence. A professional nutritional therapist, she promotes a gluten, refined sugar and dairy-free lifestyle in favour of endless fad diets.

Rise and Shine Smoothie

It’s a lovely sunny morning and I wanted to welcome the morning with a delicious smoothie packed full of nutrients to set me up for a busy working day. I had lots of fruit and veg in the fridge that I wanted to use up, particularly kiwi and cucumber.  I had a quick search for a good smoothie recipe and found the perfect one, I grabbed my ingredients and started chopping!

A Springtime Soup to Beat Illness

Recently I have become food lazy, grabbing snacks as and when, eating too many carbs and not enough fruit and veg.  My body and health are very food responsive and during my time training to be a personal trainer I also studied in nutrition.  One main point I learned was that the body tells us what it wants, when we have certain cravings it is because our body is telling us that we are deficient in those elements in our diet.  Currently I have been suffering from mouth ulcers and headaches (I often get migraines and it can be totally debilitating – especially with two children running around).  I know this is due to too much stress, a lack of vitamin C and dehydration.  So while watching Saturday Kitchen Live (well done Donal, great job – see my earlier post about Live TV) drinking a large glass of water combined with fresh orange juice, I was inspired by James Martin’s quick and easy Pea and Ham Hock soup.  I quickly made up a list – to be honest I cheated a little as it was already nearly lunchtime and I didn’t want to wait for the ham hocks to cook – dashed to the shop and purchased the following:

Pixiwoo Complete Makeup Masterclass

I discovered the Pixiwoo sisters a couple of years ago now when I was trying to learn how to blend foundation in well – they are lovely, and their down to earth and simple tutorials helped me to create the look in my about me picture (ok it did take me an hour to get it just right – including hair) but I now include their tips in my daily quick fix make up for doing the school run.

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