Couture Wedding Cakes by Mich Turner

Couture Wedding Cakes by Mich Turner - Tomorrow is a New
Couture Wedding Cakes
Mich Turner
Jacqui Small LLP
25 Jan. 2009


Your wedding day is a day you will remember forever, and so it has to be perfect. While dress, flowers and carriages all play their role, when it comes to the reception, the cake will undoubtedly be the star of the show.
Now that the days of the obligatory three-tier, white-iced fruit cake are long gone, the cake can be as glamorous, as exciting, as stunning as your imagination allows. From luxurious baroque designs to the most stunning minimalist creations, this collection of Mich Turner’s amazing wedding cakes will inspire any bride-to-be.

Whether you want an exquisitely regal cake, with a beautiful tear-drop design combined with tightly packed roses; a more lush, almost sculpted, concoction of sweeping fans of white chocolate interspersed with real flowers; a chic and sweetly pretty hand-painted floral design; or a tiered arrangement of tri-coloured individual cakes, each topped with a rose, there is a tantalising collection here. Mich also showcases a range of beautiful wedding mementoes, including cookies, tiny cakes and favours.

Divided into eight chapters, covering a full spectrum of classic, creative and contemporary styles, Couture Wedding Cakes will not only inspire you but will also give you all the information you need to make these cakes yourself. Whether you choose a romantic, fairytale-like cake, a chic number that is style itself or a show-stopping confection of chocolate and flowers, you will be guided step-by-step through all the stages to create a breathtaking wedding cake that will be admired by all.

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Why I love this book…

A true classic and perfect if you a making any special cake for an event.  Couture Wedding Cakes by Mich Turner is a book you will return to again and again.  The recipes at the back of the book are worth buying the book alone and the step by step decoration techniques and skills are so helpful.  If you are interested in cake decorating then this is the book for you!  Not just for weddings, this book is perfect for birthdays, special events or just for fun!


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