Flying through Household Chores

Flying through Household Chores - Tomorrow is a New Day

A few years ago I discovered the ‘Flylady’ – I can’t remember where but I think I had searched for a way to keep on top of my cleaning chaos and household chores.  After watching a few videos and reading about ‘shiny sinks’ I was hooked!  I love the idea of an organised home with a place for everything, although this very rarely happens in our house.  I have tried and failed many times but I am giving it a go again and have even downloaded their app (which is free).

What I like about this way of being organised is that everything is broken down into ‘baby steps’ so that you don’t feel so overwhelmed that you give up.  In my normal week I try and keep on top of everything but by the weekend I end up having a massive tidying up session that leaves me grumpy because I want to be spending my time with my family instead of with the vacuum!

The idea is that each week you have a zone of the house to tackle with small jobs and household chores that you can do each day so that by the end of the week the zone has had a deep clean and is organised to last until the next time it comes around.  This week we are in the kitchen and since we moved in May (this year) I haven’t really attacked the cupboards at all.  I unpacked the kitchen after my daughters had gone to bed on the evening we moved.  I ended up staying up until 3am so we could enjoy breakfast together in the morning without piles of boxes all around us, even though I was very spooked by the absence of a curtain or blind in the kitchen – goodness knows what our new neighbours must have thought!

The challenge for yesterday was to clean out the cupboard under the sink – I knew it wouldn’t be pretty, but I was willing to give it a go!


FlyLady Under Sink Cupboard


FlyLady Kitchen Sink

What was interesting was how many things I had bought thinking that I didn’t have any left – I ended up with 2 or even 3 of the same item!  I am so pleased with the results and it only took about 15 mins.  I’m looking forward to the next challenge tomorrow.  I’m flying high now!



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