Patisserie Maison by Richard Bertinet

Patisserie Maison - Tomorrow is a New Day
Patisserie Maison: The step-by-step guide to simple sweet pastries for the home baker
Richard Bertinet
Hardback & Kindle

This is a beautiful book - if you are going to buy it - I urge you to purchase the Hardback version.  The photographs are stunning and the recipes are wonderful.  I was very lucky many years ago to attend a bread making course with Richard at his Bakery in Bath and it was not only educational but also funny, warm and entertaining.  Richard's love for bread is contagious and having the opportunity to make bread and then sit and eat everything we had made over lunch with a great group of people is such a happy memory for me.

This book is a collection of patisserie recipes that you will love and return to again and again!

Patisserie, the art of the maître pâtissier, is the most admired style of baking in the world and requires the highest level of skill. In this new book master baker and bestselling author Richard Bertinet makes patisserie accessible to home bakers.

Richard effortlessly guides you through challenging techniques with step-by-step photography and over 50 easy-to-follow recipes for the most revered and celebrated biscuits, sponges, meringues, tarts, eclairs and other classic desserts. With Richard’s expert help, you will soon be creating authentic sweet tarts, bavarois, galettes, macarons and mousses.

With creations including lavender and orange eclairs, gateau Saint Honore, tarte tropizienne, Paris brest and cassis kir royal mousse, Patisserie Maison opens up the world of divine sweet creations to novices as well as more experienced cooks.

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